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COVID-19 - The New Challenge of the Modern Society

Round-table/Panel Discussion

There are many speculations about the causes and the origins of Coronavirus (Covid-19). From hypotheses that it was invented in a laboratory and intentionally spread around the world to the suggestions that it is all a geopolitical hyper-scheming and media manipulation. However, the official assumption that an infected wild animal, which was consummated by someone, resulted in a worldwide pandemic seems a bit more reasonable and sounds less like just another conspiracy theory. No matter what are the real roots of the Coronavirus, the fact is that there are many sick people, entire metropolises are at lockdown, and so far, the increasing levels of the disease are out of control. The whole world is under quarantine. The economical circulation is at block. Daily, there are millions of people who become unemployed and thousands of companies declare bankrupt. The freedom, civil rights and psychological state of the society are compromised in order to overcome the pandemic but how long could that last? The whole world is going through one of the most unpredictable and ubiquitous social crises of all times.

As usual, the researchers are mostly gathering around two opposite camps – pessimistic and optimistic. The former’s supporters predict that the pandemic will remain for maybe more than two years, that a lot of governments will exploit that situation to establish some kind of totalitarian regimes, and that eventually the outcome for the mass of people will be terrible in economic aspects. The advocates of the later foresee a possible worldwide humane awakening, changing of the prevailing consumption attitude towards the nature and maybe, even a new and better doctrine, which will replace the “cruel and heartless” Capitalistic societies. Both perspectives have their rights because as history has proved during a time of crisis usually there are a lot of social changes, political and cultural alterations and even revolutions. Of course, there is no scientific discipline in Social Sciences nor a statistical method that could predict what exactly would be the results with hundred percent accuracy. Nevertheless, the scientific and scholarly world should expand the current discourse about the future social challenges and apply it more effectively in the problem-solving approaches against the complex and difficult issues in front of the Modern Society. Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic is a great ordeal for the entire world but it depends on our mutual efforts to use the current situation as an opportunity to strengthen our societies and overcome the old and well-known social problems – famine, poverty, pollution, lack of balance in consumption and many more.

The IXth SWS Conference of Social Sciences “When Science meets Art” invites you on a round-table, panel discussion on the pressing topic – Coronavirus (COVID-19) - the new challenge of the Modern Society. You could participate with a presentation, by performing a workshop, rise a discussion theme or why not, with some nontraditional form. It is up to you! Come and join our mission - to assure better living conditions for the future generations by taking measures now!         

Possible themes for workshops/presentations/performances:

- “What are the worst and the best scenarios for the economy worldwide after the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic? (Could be supported with speculation based on recent statistics or it could stand on historical researches on past economic crises.)”
- “Could the Coronavirus pandemic generally raise the awareness of human kind for the need of more ecological and conscientious behavior towards the environment? (Considering the facts that during the lockdown of major cities around the world the levels of air and water pollution became better.)”
- “Do the current social and political systems in the western world prove ineffective in case of global pandemic? (comparative study of the measures that have been taken by different countries)”
- “What are the lessons learned by the ravages of Covid-19 upon one of the best healthcare systems in the world – Northern Italy? (The theme could elaborate upon the necessity of regular stress test of hospitals and other governmental structures.)
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Oral, Poster & PhD Plenary Session

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