The SGEM International Scientific Committee, would like to thank the SGEM Vienna Publisher Partners  CAMBRIDGE Scholars Publishing, who will generously provide the event special edition books -

brand new titles from their recent book collections for the Awarding ceremony.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing has over 5,000 titles in their catalogue across a range of subjects, with a particular focus on the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. They provide a dedicated author service, with no cost to the editor or author, complimentary copies, a substantial author discount, and free access to all of our eBook titles. Cambridge Scholars Publishing also offers a generous royalty structure, where authors receive royalties from the very first sale.
In addition, their publishing process is faster than most other publishers, typically ranging from three to six months after final submission without compromising either the quality of the publication or the balance between editorial guidance and the author’s control over the integrity of their original argument.

International Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Scholars Publishing consists of highly respected academics, noted for expertise in their fields. With a wealth of collective publishing experience, Editorial Advisory Board plays a key role in helping us to steer our commissioning focus and to nurture and develop talent in academic publishing.

Publications are marketed worldwide and sold through international booksellers including Amazon, Blackwell, Baker & Taylor, YBP and Ingram, and are widely purchased by academic libraries. Cambridge Scholars Publishing has distribution partnerships in key geographical territories such as the USA, China, India and the Middle East, and is continuing to expand its distribution network across the globe.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing always welcomes proposals for new titles and offers an author-focused approach which sees your work published efficiently and promoted widely. For more information, please see a guidance on Publishing Your Work at or contact Camilla Harding at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SGEM Vienna ART 2018, Hofburg
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