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Chairman's Guidelines


   Please, arrive at the SGEM Conference Hall at least 10 minutes before session starts and meet briefly with the presenters and the technical assistants;
   Get acquainted with the SGEM Programme, but always before start, check the day session programme - some changes could occur;
   Each presenting author has 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes are reserved for questions;
   Start the session promptly at the announced time;
   Introduce yourself and the session co-chair. Introduce the session with Section title/topics.
   Introduce each presentation by title and author/s;
   Shortly introduce each Speaker with the provided biography data (you shall receive speaker's biography information from the technical assistant right before the start of the session);
   Politely inform the presenters when their time limit is approaching;
   After the end of the presentation, invite questions and comments from the audience. Require of each questioner, first to introduce himself by name and university/organization and then to ask his question;
   If you wish you could express your opinion of the presentation or also ask a question;
   Conclude the session promptly at the announced time by making a short session summary;
   Stimulate the audience to fill out a NOMINATION FORM and put their vote in the ballot-boxes (ballot-box will be placed at the entrance of every plenary hall);
   Every chairman is kindly asked to fill out a special Oral Presentation EVALUATION FORM, which would be collected by the Programme Chairman.

Note: You needn’t take care about technical problems as there are technical assistants;


For becoming a Session Chairman it is needed to be a registered Lecturer for the current conference. You can apply for this activity while making your registration for the event. All applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and official invitations will be send a month before the start of the event to the accepted ones. Session Chairmen names will be published in the conference programme and web site.

Every Session Chairman will receive a special VERIFICATION LETTER (after the event) for being a SESSION CHAIRMAN + a complimentary CD version of the conference proceedings (full collection of papers)!


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