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Panel Discussions

SWS Organizers have long been committed with dissemination of scientific research achievements and contributing to world knowledge. These open-access for SWS delegates panels intend to make the best use of participating moderators’ and panelists’ professionalism and scientific resource in the discussion, in identifying challenges and suggesting solutions.

The moderator and the panelists in each panel will make plan for the panel and identify the main aspects of the topic to be discussed. The moderator will lead the session, control the direction of the discussion and involve the audience. Moderator and panelists may start with a short statement of their views. Participants are expected to discuss, propose, and agree a Call-to-Action List. Moderator will prepare a detailed Summary of the discussion.

The Summary and the Call-to-Action List will be published on the SWS website and will be forwarded to the departments of all participating scientists and to the academic councils of their universities. Information will be distributed in SWS announcements to all participants and disseminated to all partnering universities, related institutions and media.

Certificates & Letters

Each Panel Moderator/Panelist receives a Certificate, at the last conference days by the Programme Chairmen.

Each participant at any panel session, receives a Verification Letter for attendance, after the end of the event.

An on-line registration form for each panel will be soon available as well as Facebook groups will be also activated to facilitate the communication of all panel participants, moderators and panelists.

We look forward to your participation for the SWS panel discussions! If you are interested in participating as Moderator/Panelist, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Information on the panels is being constantly updated. The organizers have the right to reorganize and/or reschedule the panel discussions till the final conference programme is ready. 




Oral, Poster & PhD Plenary Session

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Live Art Performances / Art Exhibitions

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