TYPE OF SESSIONSSWS Vienna Art, Schloß Schönbrunn


The young ‘to be’ professionals in the universities and higher institutions are most cordially invited to participate in the contest!

Undergraduates and amateur artists in the field of Literature and Poetry, Ethnology and Folklore, Architecture and Design, Contemporary Arts, Performing and Visual Arts, are  invited to join SWS Young Artists Contest - Vienna Art Sessions!


Your performances and presentations will be an accompanying event to the Vienna Art Extended Session of the 7th International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences SWS2020– they will be staged and exhibited in the halls of the remarkable Schloß Schönbrunn, Vienna and thus admired by all participants and delegates attending the conference. The best pieces will be praised – printed, published, recorded and even more...



  •  FREE Contest Submission;
  •   A stage to present your talents;
  •  A chance to introduce your achievements to the public;
  •  An opportunity to be part of a great international event;
  •  A good reason to enjoy peer judgement and recognition;
  •  Winners will see their work published or recorded, their art installations exhibited, their effort praised.
  •  Winners will be invited to show their piece-of-work during the event for free.

The best artists and presenters – those who have highest number of likes and jury votes – will be invited to make their presentations live at the Conference FOR FREE!


  •  Literature and Poetry - Poem;
  •  Performing and Visual Arts - Song, Dance, Short Theatrical Performance;
  •  Architecture and Design - Art Installation;
  •  Contemporary Arts - Photograph, Painting and Sculpture.

N.B. Ethnology and Folklore – All participants are welcome to present local costumes and elements of their local tradition in above four categories.



  •   Log In your INSTAGRAM profile;
  •   Post your photo or media by using tag: #sgemyoungartist2020
  •   Write down the CATEGORY and TITLE of your submission;
  •   See your work and artistic effort ONLINE and enjoying likes!
  •   Ask all your friends to ''Like!' your post - Every Like Counts!


DEADLINE for joining the Contest is 1 OCTOBER, 2020!


After that date the participants with highest number of likes and jury votes will be officially contacted and invited to present their piece of art during the event in the period of 9-12 December, 2020 - Schloß Schönbrunn Congress Centre, Vienna, Austria. Every invited young artists will be asked to fill in this PERFORMANCE FORM.

The costs related to hall rental, technical equipment, supporting staff, etc. are covered by the organizers. The SWS Organizing Committee makes no provision for financial support for accommodation and travel expenses.


Choose your type of participation and register now ONLINE
or DOWNLOAD & fill in this REGISTRATION FORM and SEND it BACK via email

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The 8th SWS conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS) – Sessions “When Science meets Art” will synthesize tradition and cutting-edge theories in order to restore the ancient union between Science and Art!
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